What are the latest tech advances in the PS5 and Xbox Series?

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The major suspense that gamers have had to endure most of 2020 is waiting for their 2 favorite gaming platforms (Playstation and Xbox) to release their gaming consoles. People expect the new console to be an improvement of the former console. For some time, those developments are often shrouded in secrecy at the onset.

The major reason for this could be to put up the suspense so that people talk more about the rumors and the mystery leading to more publicity for the console. They might also be scared that competitors could steal such new developments and use the information to get ahead of them. If you have a favorite console and then you notice that the competing console has everything your console has to offer and more, you are likely to switch allegiance to the new console. If you want to buy any of the consoles, you should read Gamesdeal and other video games stores reviews to know the right store to buy the console from.

However, with time, either through official information or leaks, everybody gets to know what to expect when their favorite console is released, especially in terms of specification, even though the official information will, in most cases, leave some surprises that their customers will only get to know after the console has been released. Here are the latest tech advances in the PS5 and Xbox Series that you need to know about.


A major factor that determines how enjoyable a game is and that people often look out for when they want to buy a game or a game console is the quality of the video graphics. They want to be sure that the graphics of the game will be as clear as possible. Playstation and Xbox have put this into consideration as they have improved the GPU of their games to be able to properly render games that the last generation PlayStation and Xbox Series console will find difficult to render without lagging. Hence, you are assured of a higher graphics quality when you purchase the new console compared to their last console.


The processor is also important in consoles as it determines the speed with which the console can process and execute instructions. The processor speed of both consoles is easily double or almost double what was obtainable in the previous Playstation and Xbox Series console. The implication is that you can expect faster game loading times compared to the last generation console and you should also be able to enjoy smoother gameplay.

Hard Disk

Both consoles also improved the size of their hard disk drive. However, apart from the increase in the case of Playstation, they also changed their hard disk type from the former HDD to SSD.

Random Access Memory

Both gaming platforms increased the RAM available in the process to the same size of 16GB. However, the improvement by Playstation was double the size of what was obtainable in the last generation while the Xbox Series witnessed a 25 percent increase.


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