Welding Aluminum With A MIG Welder

Welding Aluminum With A MIG Welder

Steve Martin experienced a little bit that was like a faux infomercial where he states, “You can be a millionaire and hardly ever spend taxes!” The recommendations were, “First, get a million dollars. Then,…” [Brandon’s] directions for how to convert your MIG welder to do aluminum for under $25 is not rather like that, but you do need the correct variety of MIG welder to make it operate. In particular, you want an real MIG welder that has a provision to join external gas. The guidelines present a Hobart Handler 140 that fulfills the conditions and has sufficient electric power to tackle aluminum.

The major process is to exchange the liner for the torch. The inventory liner is metal which is great for its meant reason, but it is far too rough for aluminum wire. A PTFE liner is low-cost and will get the job done fantastic with the aluminum wire. If you want to do normal welding later, you’ll want to put the initial liner back again in.

The other point you will require is argon gasoline and the welder wants to be configured for stable wire and fuel. The chart in the welder reveals that you can use it for aluminum, but it does mention that it is complicated to feed with the inventory liner.

Aluminum wire expands as it heats, so you need a slightly greater suggestion than the wire size. For illustration, in the movie, [Brandon] uses .030″ wire and a .035″ tip. The relatively low amperage and duty cycle of the welder mean you want a little wire dimensions.

Did it do the job? It did. He did preheat the get the job done to aid the modest welder get the workpiece to temperature. It took a minimal experimenting to get the correct angles and strategy. In the stop, he factors out some of the advantages of obtaining a equipment intended to weld aluminum. Nevertheless, for occasional use, this appears like a practical modification.

From time to time welding usually takes a massive bang. We don’t know how to make our possess argon, but we did see somebody make their personal carbon dioxide protect gas, not extensive in the past.

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