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Sparkol VideoScribe is an intuitive tool for creating animated whiteboards and explanatory videos. You can make videos as if they were hand-drawn without any knowledge of animation and this can also be used by many people using the iPhone 12 offers.

This style is also known as the video “explorer” and editor application commonly used on smartphones, one of which is the iPhone 12 offering is becoming increasingly popular, both for selfie fans and video editors using this smartphone.

If you are interested in creating animations for your business webpages, advertisements, or videos for educational purposes, then Sparkol VideoScribe is worth using. Besides that, many users of superior smartphones such as the iPhone use a very smooth and beautiful camera.

The app includes a free image and sound library, providing everything you need. You can download as many smartphones as you need (although they can only be used one at a time), and have cloud support to access your projects at work or home using gadgets and computers.

Sparkol VideoScribe is an application developed by Sparkol that helps users create animated whiteboards and explorer videos which are very helpful when paired with flagship smartphones that are currently trending and have a lot of enthusiasts.

This style is increasingly recognized for its high level of audience engagement and is considered highly effective in the marketing and education industries.

iPhone product was first launched in the UK generating a large number of users up to more than 100,000 people. And it continues to increase every year. VideoScribe is made with Adobe Flash which produces Video with Quicktime. which can be accessed on smartphones with good quality and high specifications, and can use video files on Sparkol Videoscribe can be uploaded via Flash video, Quicktime Video or images (JPEG or PNG).

The following month, VideoScribe was recommended on the BBC News website. The VideoScribe iPad App won Best Mobile / Smartphone App at the MOMA Awards after being nominated in three categories. Mashable has used VideoScribe to create several whiteboard videos for their website.

It helps you create animated videos with little or no experience.

The blackboard style is increasingly popular and relevant, and on smartphones, it is also accessible and easy to video editor without cluttering up a computer,

A well-stocked library of sounds and images means you don’t have to create your content from scratch.

You can export in several different formats on various platforms.