Laptop Technology Main. Bowie State University

Computer & TechnologyThe Computer Technology (CT) program has been developed to supply coaching within the principles underlying the design of modern computer techniques. For those with more severe mobility impairments keyboard emulation is available, together with scanning and Morse code input. In each case, particular switches make use of not less than one muscle over which the individual has voluntary management (e.g., head, finger, knee, mouth). In scanning input, lights or cursors scan letters and symbols displayed on laptop screens or exterior units. To make alternatives, people use switches activated by movement of the top, finger, foot, breath, and many others. Lots of of switches tailor input gadgets to particular person needs. In Morse code input, users enter Morse code by activating switches (e.g., a sip-and-puff switch registers dot with a sip and dash with a puff). Special adaptive hardware and software program translate Morse code into a type that computers perceive so that normal software can be utilized.

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