Computer & TechnologyThe Pc Technology (CT) program has been developed to supply training within the ideas underlying the design of recent laptop programs. It was a memorable time spent together at Technology Sabha at Novotel, Vizag. The deliberations on the seminars were absolutely engaging. The audio system had been artistic of their displays and erudite and reflective in their eloquence. It was a singular platform supplied by The Specific Group for holding discussion and exchanging concepts on frontiers of computer systems and ICT.

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When the mighty Roman Empire began to collapse, it was attacked from all directions by Barbarian armies. The resulting turmoil brought about Europe to sink into a interval of social and political upheaval generally known as The Dark Ages. Nevertheless, during these troubled times, extraordinary warriors and missionaries emerged whose profound influence has performed an important function in shaping what has become our modern world. Students look at the social, political, mental, and economic historical past of this period and discover its enduring impact on trendy western society.

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