DVD Drives Turned Into Microscopes

With the arrival of streaming services, plenty of people today are opting to forego the collection of bodily media. In convert, there are now a good deal of optical drives sitting unused in components bins and old computers. If you’d like something practical to do with this now-out of date engineering, you can have a attempt at turning just one into a laser microscope.

This create involves two DVD pickups. By scanning as soon as horizontally and once vertically and measuring the returning light from the DVD laser, an picture can be produced. For this create, the second pickup is employed to go the object alone. The total gadget is managed by an Analog Discovery 2, despite the fact that this theory could be ported to other microcontroller platforms. Thanks to the extremely high-quality laser in a DVD and the exact movements of the motors located in the manage equipment, the images received applying this approach have the probable to be additional in-depth than similar seen light microscopes.

Even though this isn’t pretty scanning electron microscope territory, it is excellent enough to clearly graphic the inner workings of a de-capped built-in circuit. Something like this could be indispensable for reverse-engineering ICs or troubleshooting other comparably little electronics, with resolutions higher than can generally be obtained with noticeable gentle microscopes. We’ve even observed equivalent builds in the past which build microscopes like this as focused lab machines.

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