Deepfakes: Tool for Spread of Misinformation or an Ultimate Future of AI?

Controlling the Spread Of Fake News

What seemed entertaining at first is now considered a bigger threat than fake news to the world. 

In the world where camera apps can elongate legs, slim faces, hide wrinkles and put animal ears on a human face, the Ddeepfake technology did not come as shock. 

Deepfakes, referring to manipulated or false videos, are digital representations generated by the use of artificial intelligence. 

The term Deepfakes is a portmanteau of two words, “deep learning” and “fakes.” However, the technology has brought more damage that its frail term lacked in demonstrating. 

From Gifs and Memes to Deepfake Videos – The Shift in Digital Humor 

The apparent shift in the construction of humorous content reflects the advancement and use of technology in social media. 

Back in 2017, Reddit user known as Deepfakes published face-swapping pornographic videos, according to Know Your Meme. These videos are created by superimposing public figures’ head-on someone’s body. And since then, deepfakes’ hilarious videos have become part of the fun side of social media. 

Soon the Fake App, created by Deepfakes grabbed social media attention. With the help of the app, a different meme storm emerged on social media platforms causing laughter and creeps among the audience. 

One of the most viral meme creations through the Fake App included Nicolas Cage’s face on Amy Adams’s body (playing Lois Lane in a Superman movie). 

Another hilarious creation by the Buzz Feed production was published that featured comedian Jordan Peele as formed United States’ President, Barack Obama. Jordan, in his hilarious way, superimposed Barack Obama’s face on his to warn people about the use of Deepfakes technology to circulate misinformation. 

How DeepFakes Work

The old saying has it that, “seeing is believing.” However, with the new age of technology, you have to look deep into what you are seeing before you start believing. Deepfake is one such technological creation of the present time that has created distrust among the users regarding the information provided online. 

Deepfake is an AI-based software that exploits human tendency through generative adversarial networks (GAN). The software emerged from two-machine learning (ML) models, trains on collected data, creates video forgeries and detects the forgeries until the fake video is perfect. 

Currently, Deepfake technology is being used to create pornographic videos without having direct consent of people in the video content. Apart from this, researchers believe Deepfakes can cause major damage in the future by creating social chaos through fake attack announcements or destroying someone’s marriage through a fake sex video.

The Future of Deepfakes

Deepfakes might hold an interestingly distinguished future, based on how the computer-generated video content software employs:

 The Potential Evil

The discussion about Deepfake and its ability to cause political and legal implications have been happening for quite a time now. Therefore, instead of waiting for legal actions, some of the big companies and websites have already taken a stand against the potential social evil.

The social media giant, Facebook on January 6, 2020, stated in its blog that the company is banning Deepfakes from its platform. The company believes that these computer-generated videos distort reality and are a significant challenge for the tech industry.

The Future Help

Not the technology advancement nor the availability of Windstream internet are causing politicians and legislators to have serious concerns regarding Deepfakes. The misuse and misusers of Deepfakes are a threat to future political, financial and legal activities. The cyber perpetrators should be held accountable to ensure the misuse of technology is prohibited in every country.

Hence, if we look at the brighter side, Deepfakes can help create positive impacts on our lifestyles:

  • Online Shopping:

There is no doubt in the fact that online shopping has revolutionized a buyer’s persona. However, with AI and GANS developers are now building a different level of shopping experience.

Deepfakes are capable of generating an image of the human future of any size, complexion, and physique to give the buyer an idea of what the selected clothing looks like on different people.

  • Train Health Professionals

Even in its early stages, GANs are significant in medical training. GANs are useful in creating fake MRIs of brain tumors for doctors trained in tumor segmentation.

Medical research and training where a lack of consistent data and images often comes as a setback can use GANS for helping the medical sectors.


Even after suffering from the ban imposed by one of the biggest social media platforms, the Deepfake evildoers continue creating videos and are involved in spreading misinformation.

However, it is up to us to spread proper knowledge regarding misuse of technology for illegal purpose i.e. creating fake pornographic videos or political speeches. Moreover, verify the information or news from credible sources before sharing it with others.