Computer & TechnologyThe Laptop Technology (CT) program has been developed to offer training within the ideas underlying the design of contemporary laptop methods. 1 The FCC‐administered E‐Charge program, for instance, allocates as much as $2.25 billion annually to enhance Internet access at public colleges and libraries (Goolsbee and Guryan 2006 ). DeBell and Chapman ( 2006 ), analyzing information from the October 2003 computer use complement to the CPS, report that among all college students in nursery college through 12th grade, school pc use rates had been 85{fbad6cf7ffd2605c9106117930b0ae39bc9d60762617e3aecd0a25c1b48ab3d5} for Whites and 82{fbad6cf7ffd2605c9106117930b0ae39bc9d60762617e3aecd0a25c1b48ab3d5} for Blacks; 80{fbad6cf7ffd2605c9106117930b0ae39bc9d60762617e3aecd0a25c1b48ab3d5} for those dwelling in households beneath the poverty line and 85{fbad6cf7ffd2605c9106117930b0ae39bc9d60762617e3aecd0a25c1b48ab3d5} for those above. There may be variations within the frequency or type of computer use; Becker ( 2000 ) studies the results of a 1998 survey exhibiting that colleges serving greater‐poverty students had fewer Web connections per laptop, and if something used computer expertise more regularly for educational purposes.

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