Applications of Mobile Resource Management Solutions in Various Industries

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions find applications in different areas. MRM solutions integrates latest technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS), two way wireless communications, and other voice and Internet based technologies to help various industries to reduce operational costs, track mobile resources in real-time, reduce fuel costs and emissions, and workforce management etc. The strategic real-time data received through various MRM solutions facilitates crucial decision making on managing resources.

Transportation and Distribution
Mobile Resource Management solutions effectively use technologies in market such as GPS technology to help fleet managers track vehicles in real time, enhance employee productivity, reduce fuel costs, and manage the risks. MRM solutions provide better driver activity tracking, monitor the speed and direction of vehicles, and reduce fuel costs etc. Mobile Resource Management solutions like Fleet Management systems can also be employed by transportation businesses to improve vehicle efficiency, reduce emissions etc. For those businesses largely in distribution, MRM solutions can help ensure route optimization, provide service alerts, monitor driver activity, effective navigation, and efficient dispatch process etc. It will help to plan a new efficient route with more stops that will increase profits and productivity.

Mobile Resource Management solutions assists contractors to complete their projects on-time and within the budget. It provides efficient vehicle tracking, exact location of vehicles and assets, pin point tools and equipments at various sites, and navigation for vehicles that helps to respond to emergencies in unexpected situations. MRM solutions also provides for engine diagnostic/telemetry tools which alerts on engine performance, coolant temperature, oil pressure etc which helps to avoid engine breakdown at work sites and costly repairs. The driver tracking facility enhances productivity and attendance at jobsites. It helps to cut down on idle crews.

Public Safety Such As Police and Fire Services
The police and fire department have to immediately respond to emergency situations. Effective Mobile Resource Management solutions help to reduce response time through efficient management of critical resources. MRM solutions manage call receipts and resources, and effectively integrate geospatial technologies to equip fire fighters and police personnel with maps from where the emergency call was made. It also helps to reduce fuel and overtime costs.

Public Transportation
Effectively employing MRM solutions in public transportation ensures efficient routing and scheduling of vehicles resulting in reducing fuel costs, less emissions, and increase in driver productivity. The regular inputs on driver safety reporting will help in passenger safety and satisfaction. MRM solutions provide with maintenance alerts, service alerts, and environment friendly fuel consumption and CO2 emission monitoring. It provides better driver/technician activity monitoring which increases productivity, vehicle performance, and reduces accidents etc. The fuel purchase tracking allows monitoring for fuel theft and unauthorized use of fuel cards.

Oil and Natural Gas
Mobile Resource Management solutions help to manage the maze of big and small oil and natural gas pipelines spread across a large region. The solutions which incorporate geospatial technology help to view the entire network of pipelines, store data pertaining to pipeline functioning, and key locations. It makes it easy to arrive at particular pipeline location quickly in case of emergency and make immediate repairs with data already available. Implementing MRM solutions also increases labor productivity, improves engineering processes, and increases utilization of assets etc.

Service Organizations
Service oriented organizations that provide electricity, water, communication facility etc also get benefited by implementing MRM solutions. The Mobile Resource Management solutions provide real time routing and engine diagnostic/telemetry tools that help personnel reach the destination quickly when problem arises. The routing tools help to plan an optimized route that reduces fuel consumption, saves time, and increases productivity of drivers. The web-based mapping features provides information on worksites, technician names, two-way messaging to keep in touch with technician etc.

The Mobile Resource Management solutions are proving to be an important aspect for businesses to manage their field resources, increase the productivity of employees, and stay ahead of competitors. With advancement in technologies, the navigation and tracking capabilities can be implemented in mobile phones or smartphones as a part of MRM solution for an organization.

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